The Stampe is now in Messolonghi!

The Stampe is now in Messolonghi!

We could only do a short leg today. The Stampe left the island of Corfu, in the north-west of Greece, around 2 pm but could not reach Megara/Athens (LGMG) before sunset due to some delay in Corfu this morning. Each VFR flight needs to obtain a permission to land in Greece and this takes time…

The Stampe will spend the night in the small private airfield of Messolonghi (ZZZZ), which is half way between Corfu and Athens…This airfield is owned by Georges, an ex-pilot of the Greek air force.



Our biplane will hopefully reach Megara tomorrow for refuelling…. and then Chania, in Crete, before sunset!

3 thoughts on “The Stampe is now in Messolonghi!

  1. This is just real flying.
    I was in LIQS not even a month ago and flew back to LFAV in less then 5 hours and in one leg with a SR 22.
    This shows the incredible progress made in the aviation science in less then 70 years.

    Continue to make us dreaming. 🙂

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