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Month: October 2016

On our way to Crete – Day one!

On our way to Crete – Day one!

Off we go!

We managed to leave Charleroi today and we even got some spells of sunshine for our takeoff!

4 biplanes, all participating in the rally, took off in a row from runway 25 around noon, destination Dijon (LFSD). Team Canada, Team Alaska, Team Barnstormers and us two, Team Frog&Kiwi.



Colin, from Alaska in his Travelair 4000 (Team Barnstormers), in the airfield of Dijon-Bourgogne.


Pedro, from Team Canada, refuelling his beautiful Travellair 4000 in the aérodrome of Dijon-Bourgogne this afternoon.


Two Travelairs 4000 in Dijon-Bourgogne, aren’t they beautiful?


After a short stop in Dijon, we had hoped to reach Lyon-Bron but we have been forced to divert to Mâcon (LFLM) for the night. Not a big deal, we have safely landed here and will enjoy a lovely evening altogether with great food and great red wine! And this stop was meant to be because Mâcon used to be a technical stop for the seaplanes participating in the Imperial Airways rally in the 1930s’!!!

Fog is forecast tomorrow morning but we hope to reach the French Riviera and then northern Italy by the end of the day….

J-1 du départ de Charleroi pour la Crète !

J-1 du départ de Charleroi pour la Crète !

Rencontre avec la presse et la télévision aujourd’hui à l’aéroport de Charleroi (Belgique) pour quatre équipages du VintageAirRally : Team Alaska (Etats-Unis), Team Barnstormers (Etats-Unis), Team SoCal (Canada) et nous !

C’était aussi l’occasion de baptiser l’avion avec du Champagne Virginie T. !






London Launch Gala Dinner

London Launch Gala Dinner

The VintageAirRally is officially launched! A unique evening in the truly unique venue of Draper’s Hall in London!

This is the first time we meet most of the teams and aviators. We are so happy to put faces on names we have been in contact with for months!

Our lucky number #13!


Our dear Nick, from Team Alaska


A selfie for the souvenir….with our dear friend Laure.


Sur les chemins de Cerfontaine (EBCF), Belgique

Sur les chemins de Cerfontaine (EBCF), Belgique

Aujourd’hui nous avons fait quelques prises de vue sur l’aérodrome de Cerfontaine, en Belgique (EBCF). Nous en avons profité pour parfaire nos atterrissages sur piste en herbe ! Il va nous falloir atterrir sur toutes sortes de pistes pendant notre périple africain, autant s’habituer dès maintenant….

Ce jour-là notre chemin a croisé celui de Jean-Paul et de son petit fils, un petit ange blond portant le nom d’un grand homme, Anatole.